Gippsland Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic is owned and operated by Dr Aitken ( and is based at Fitzpatrick House at 134 Guthridge Parade but also provided in Bairnsdale located at Bairnsdale and East Gippsland Medical Centre 8 Pearson St. It is a diagnostic and surgical service that requires a referral from a GP but provides definitive diagnostic care through to surgical excision and aftercare.

A skin cancer appointment or skin check involves a thorough and comprehensive skin survey from the top of the head to the soles of the feet including all skin surfaces paying attention to troublesome spots or skin lesions under magnification and bright lighting.

For those patients with abnormal skin lesions referred from a GP or those that have abnormal skin lesions discovered after a skin check simple excision is offered. Many skin lesion excisions can be accomplished at Fitzpatrick House under local anaesthetic and usually take between half to three quarters of an hour to complete. Skin excisions are usually comfortable procedures following injection of local anaesthetic and the procedure is usually less worrisome than a trip to the dentist. In many circumstances even quite large and difficult skin lesions can be treated under local anaesthetic with an excellent cosmetic outcome.

For more advanced or neglected skin cancers or in particular melanomas more involved surgery may be required after assessment and X-rays, ultrasound and CT imaging. PET imaging is also routinely used for staging to assess the extent of possible spread with advanced cancers. MRI imaging is also used but generally to assess the involvement of local anatomical structures or spread to the brain. Referral is also sometimes made to Peter MacCallum Cancer now known as the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre for advanced cases requiring systemic treatment but in most circumstances diagnostic work-up and surgery for skin cancers can occur through the Gippsland Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic.