Historic 1

Fitzpatrick House was the family home and house that Henry G. Wise a prominent 19th Century Australian, politician and Federationist built for his wife Mary in 1880.

The heritage of Fitzpatrick House is the story of Australian federation, the welding together of a nation from a coalition of States and Territories.

In the front yard of the property to the left of the driveway entrance is the tall pine tree that is over 100 years old that was planted at the time of Australian federation in 1901. Many people walk past and recognize the tree as just another tall pine but it stands today as a tangible link that Fitzpatrick House has to the making of the nation.

In comparing old photographs of the house that Henry G. Wise built to the Fitzpatrick House of today little has changed with the facade. The veranda, the front lawn, the chimneys and roof line remain the same and inside the original marble fireplace surrounds as well as the grand front room which serves as the main patient waiting area with a bay window remains the same as it did back in the time of Henry G. Wise. The interior still has memories of a much loved home.

Consideration had to be made back in the 1980’s to create more interior space and renovations to the main part of the homestead added office space as well as a nursing area and additional consulting rooms.