Medicare sets the rules for referrals to specialist doctors.

You need to have a valid referral from your general practitioner or another specialist to get a rebate on the fee charged which is what the Australian government thinks the service is worth which in most circumstances is vastly less than the true real world cost of the service.

You can still see a specialist without a referral but you will be charged the full amount and expected to pay on the day and unfortunately will receive any rebates for the ongoing care plan. So it is important to get a referral from your GP.

Referrals from GPs are valid only for 12 months unless you ask for an indefinite referral.

Indefinite referrals from GPs are valid only for the same clinical condition.

Specialist to specialist referrals are valid for only 3 months.

You or your GP or their office can make an appointment by:

PHONE: (03) 51 444 555

FAX: (03) 5144 7564