Mole Mapping is whole body digital photography and is an adjunctive service offered by Mr Charles Frewen, a clinical photographer who visits Fitzpatrick House and Sale on a regular basis. Charles works exclusively as a medical photographer and provides services to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as well as other locations in Melbourne.

Charles Frewin creates photographic portfolios of individual patients or mole maps which comprise a book of large format high resolution photos of all surfaces of the body. These patient specific photographic books allow accurate assessment for either a general practitioner or skin specialist to assess changes in naevi or moles from year to year. Each photographic book is clinically useful for approximately 5 years and is obviously important for individuals with many naevi or moles.

A mole map book differs from a mole scan in that the mole map book is a comprehensive dermal atlas and can be taken from doctor to doctor whereas a mole scan is a proprietary computerised diagnostic instrument that helps doctors in the diagnosis of a single mole. The mole map book is therefore more useful and the cost for the book should be thought of as spread over approximately 5 years which represents better value.

The process of photographing an individual patient takes about 1 hour and is a discrete private process where the individual stands in underwear in front of a screen where different views are taken of the body. The book takes a little time to produce typically ranging from 1 week to 1 month and is the private property of the patient.

Please contact Charles Frewin through Fitzpatrick House for current charges for mole mapping. Unfortunately Medicare does not provide a rebate, although some health funds may offer partial reimbursement.